Why detailing?

Car detailing is one of the most essential preventive maintenance measures you can do for your vehicle. This protects the car from the damaging effects of the environment and prolongs the lives of components and parts.

It also increases the overall of the car. If you are looking to sell your car soon, it's recommended to first detail it then watch its value boost. This is another important benefit of car detailing.

Why I shouldn't go to a car wash?

Most automatic car washes are bad for your paint, The brushes are violent and full of contaminants which can cquse damage.

Even "touchless" car washes carry risks.

There is a chance that some of the particles (from previous dirty cars) can end up being blasted on your car. The result could be thin, spider scratches.

Another danger to consider: "if you have paint protection, many times they will tell you not to use car washes'.

How do I book?

You can book on the Website, Facebook, Instagram, Sms, Call.

Make sure you read our Terms & conditions before any booking.

Facebook: Xtreme Auto Detail

Instagram: xtremeautodetail

Phone: 0426 625 598

Do I need to provide water and electricity?

Yes, we need to be connected to your house for the electricity and water. Our prices are based on the fact that we are using your electricity and water.

Can you detail my car at my workplace or apartment?

Currently we cannot detail unless we have access to water and electricity. We will be offering workpalce and apartment details in the near future!

Where can you wash my car?

We have the space that your car is parked on and we need space for our van ans space to move around both vehicles. So Generally a minimum of three parking spaces. We can't wash cars on public property, it has to be on your property or private property that you have permission to work on.

Do I have to be present for the entire detail only when your done?

No, it is not necessary. Just make sure we have access to the keys to the car and if you want any Premium Detailing it would be ideal if we could use your garage or you can drop your car to our garage it is totally up to you.

Do I need to sign a consent form to have my engine, engine bay washed & cleaned?

Although we are experts at cleaning delicate areas, if you require your engine cleaned you will have to sign a consent form to enable us to carry the work as all engines cleaned are at the owners risk.

What happens if it rains?

We can still attend the appointment, however wax and polish is not recommended in rainy weather conditions.

If you wish, we could also cancel/re-schedule appointements.